The SureSmile® system offers quicker and more efficient treatment times than traditional dental braces. In fact, SureSmile Clear Aligners can reduce the overall treatment times by as much as 40%. Though the majority of people love the thought of straight, healthy teeth, most do not relish the prospect of spending several years wearing braces. Contrary to popular belief, SureSmile® does not move the teeth more quickly. The teeth move with added precision at the same speed.

The SureSmile® technologies allow the dentist to view the teeth in 3D from every angle, and then plan treatment accordingly. In addition, the clear aligners themselves are created by a computer program.

SureSmile® has many advantages over traditional dental braces, including:

  • Fewer visits to the orthodontist.
  • Less soreness and discomfort.
  • More accurate, better results.
  • Shorter treatment times.

How can SureSmile® help me?

There are many ways in which the SureSmile® system is helpful to patients. Better precision means better results and a much straighter smile. SureSmile® also reduces the amount of discomfort by maximizing the effectiveness of dental wires.

Generally, brace wearers dislike adjustment appointments because they cause pain and discomfort. Fortunately, SureSmile® is able to take most of these appointments out of the equation, and leave the teeth healthier and straighter. SureSmile® offers fantastic results to people of any age – the only prerequisite is generally healthy teeth and gums.

What does getting SureSmile® Clear Aligners involve?

First appointment - Consultation:

Initially, the dentist will want to check the mouth for signs of decay and disease. If any irregularities are noted, they will need to be controlled before SureSmile® Clear Aligner therapy begins.

Second appointment - Records:

The first stage of orthodontic treatment involves taking records. A three-dimensional model of the teeth will be created using an intra-oral scanner and clinical photography. The dentist is able to simulate how different treatments will change the orientation of the teeth with 3D software. Every angle is examined and different approaches are considered. The software is so advanced that the dentist can use it to “look into the future” and view the final position of the bite. 

Third appointment - Treatment Plan Presentation

The dentist will present the digital treatment plan and be able to show the digital 3D models of how the teeth shift and what the end goal could look like. Also, the dentist will be able to tell you an estimated length of time for treatment, where resin abutments will go (as opposed to metal brackets and wire), and where teeth need to be recontoured (to create space for tooth movement).

When the treatment has been fully planned and accepted by the patient, your custom SureSmile® trays will be fabricated.

Fourth appointment - Tray Delivery

At this appointment, resin attachments will be bonded to the facial (cheek side) of the teeth and recontouring between the teeth will be performed as indicated at the last appointment. Trays will be fitted and patient wear and hygiene instructions will be given.

The SureSmile website has lots of resources for patients, including general information about clear aligners, videos on what to expect, and digital instructions for patients wearing SureSmile aligners. 

If you have questions about SureSmile® or any other orthodontic system, please contact our office.


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